Mushroom risotto with poached egg Another great way to use cheap arborio risott…

Mushroom risotto with poached egg

Another great way to use cheap arborio risotto rice, the risotto is full of flavour, creamy and rich. I’m also going to show you how to easily get the perfect runny poached egg to sit on top. All by using just two pans, a knife and a board, you can even serve it in the pan so you don’t even need a bowl!
Ingredients – for 1 serving (A$4.24/£2.60)
1 Tbsp butter 
2 Tbsp oil
1/2 a sliced onion
1 Tbsp of chopped or minced garlic
2 Mugs risotto (arborio) rice
1 Vegetable or chicken stock cube dissolved in 4 mugs of water 
5 Small mushrooms, sliced 
1 Egg
4 Tbsp white wine vinegar
2 Handfuls of parmesan or cheddar cheese 
2 Tbsp dried herbs from the free food shelf, optional (parsley, tarragon, sage or mixed herbs are perfect)
First of all, fry the mushrooms on a high heat with 2 tbsp of oil until they start to colour and then set aside.
Melt the butter in a medium size saucepan and sweat the onions and garlic on a medium heat.. Add the risotto rice and cook for 3/4 minutes on medium heat stirring constantly. 
Add half of the stock and keep the heat high enough to give a gentle simmer, leave to cook whilst stirring every 20/30 seconds. 
When the liquid has nearly been absorbed by the rice, add the rest of the stock half a mug at a time. Let the liquid absorb in the rice between each addition. 
After all of the stock is added, taste some of the rice and check if it is soft. If not add a little more water half a mug at a time, just enough to keep the risotto from going dry and burning on the bottom. Continue to simmer until the rice is cooked and remove from the heat. 
stir in the cheese, herbs and mushrooms and season to taste.
Meanwhile Boil a small pan of water on the stove and add the vinegar.
Turn down to a gentle simmer and crack in the eggs, as long as the pan is gently simmering there is no need to swirl the water or use any chefy tricks. The egg will form perfectly if left alone to cook and shape in the convection of the water.
After 2 minutes use a spoon to scoop up the egg, feel if the white is firm and the yolk is still spongy by lightly pressing on it. This is the perfect stage for a runny egg but depending on the he